Thank you for choosing the Tempe Dance Academy.  Your choice of a dancing school is very important. Whether you are dancing for self-accomplishment or for a possible future career, the training you receive may make the difference between success and failure.

From our very inception, we have stressed the quality of our dance instruction and the importance of meeting the needs of both our students and the Art of Dance. The Tempe Dance Academy has achieved an excellent reputation in the dance world because of our stress on excellence in dance education and the dedication of the teaching faculty.

As for accomplishments of our students, the list is endless.

Our students have won hundreds of titles, awards, scholarships and trophies. Tempe Dance students may be seen working professionally on the stage performing or as a faculty member in many classrooms.

All of these accomplishments speak of the quality of the dance education received at The Tempe Dance Academy.

We truly hope that our association will be a pleasant and rewarding experience for you and that we may count on your support and recommendation to others in the future.

Wanda Manville
Director – Tempe Dance Academy

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