Latest news and awards.

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Latest news and awards.

Competition Results for 2016

Nationals Nycda In NY

Junior OD Top 15  Libby Collins

Teen OD T0p 6    Makenzie Stratton ( Danced in Gala)

Senior OD  Top 20  Maya Addie…..Top 12 Olivia Speno … Top 5 Ally Coen (Danced in the Gala)

Performing Arts Competition Solos – Junior 11th Overall  … Allison Blanchard

Teen 15th Overall … Makenzie Stratton

Senior 12th Overall   …. Danielle Bowen

Mini Division 

Little Bird – 4th overall high score line….Another Day 8th high score line

Jet Set – 1st overall mini small production  and 6th overall mini division… Mini CC finalist (Danced in Gala)

Junior Division

7th overall junior trio – Emergency ( Olivia C, Maizie B, Aimee P)

8th overall Junior Trio – Get Your Freak On ( Zoe M, Gabby O, Maizie B)

5th Overall Junio Line – Man Like That …..7th Overall Junior line  – The Fool

Teen Division 

1st overall teen line – River … National Teen Critics Choice Winner  2016

2nd overall teen extended line – Calling

2nd overall teen small production – Interruption

2nd overall teen large production  – America

Senior Divison

1st overall senior line – No Me Digas Que No.. (National Senior CC Finalist in gala)

2nd overall senior line – Sweet Dreams

1st overall senior extended line – Long Way Down

2nd overall senior division – No Me Digas Que No

4th overall senior division – Long Way Down

8th overall senior division – Sweet Dreams

10th overall senior division – In Loving Memory

Regional Critics Choice NYCDA

Sweet Dreams –  Senior Critics Choice – LA

Tears of an Angel  – Junior Critics Choice – LA

Man Like That – Junior Critics Choice – Santa Clara

River – Teen Critics Choice – Santa Clara

Long Way Down – Senior Critics Choice – Santa Clara

Jet Set – Mini Overall and Critics Choice – Phx

Arise – Junior Overall and Critics Choice – Phx

Calling – Teen Critics Choice – phx

America – Overall High Score of Phx and Sunday showcase award

No Me Digas Que No – Sr. Overall and Critics Choice

Dance Masters of America 2016

Albert Mendoza – Master National 1st Runner-up

Carly Hudson – Petite National 1st Runner-up

Delaney Hudson – Junior National 1st Runner-up

Cole Newburg  – Teen Mr. National 1st Runner-up



Maya Addie – $48,000 to Point Park University and $32,000 to Montclair University

Danielle Bowen – $64,000 to Point Park University

Olivia Speno – $100,000 to Pace University

*Other recipients to college scholarships in the years past have been:  Ally Coen, Cierra Rogers, Aubrey Zimmerman, Christian Blue, Mary McWilliams, James Gowan, Maile Makaafi, Vicki McWilliams, Bridget Whitman, Jenalee Thompson, Carly Booth, Natasha Walter, Mikayla Scaife, Kyndall Johnston, Cory Barnette, Kolton Krouse, Kailee Krouse, Ashlynn Miller, Casey Gonzalez

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