We are proud to say that not only is our faculty highlyqualified in their areas of expertise but also understand their impact on all of the students ethical, moral, emotional and mental development.We stress the quality of instruction and the importance of meeting the needs of all our students through professional excellence and our dedication to teaching.

All students, regardless of age, learn the proper names and techniques of each dance step. Age groups and technique levels are separated, as each level learns at a different rate of speed.

Our schedule includes morning classes for our young dancers as well as those adults who prefer morning classes rather than our regular evening adult program.

All other classes will be held between 9:30 AM and 9:30 PM Monday through Saturday.

See below for a brief outline of the variety of disciplines offered.

Dance Styles

Combination Classes are the reading, writing and arithmetic of the studio. These beginning classes work together and offer a physical and mental development, a primary technique, and an awareness of rhythm, while having fun learning. Combo Classes combine Ballet, Tap and Acrobatics. Learning to dance is a long-term commitment, and the rewards are not immediately evident. It is essential for parents to appreciate this process.

Ballet is the foundation for all dance subjects. Ballet develops coordination, grace, muscle toning, poise, good posture, flexibility, stamina and endurance.  Students learn proper body placement, alignment and technique. Each class begins with a Ballet Barre, moves to a center floor adage, followed by a petite allegro and grand allegro, finishing with a formal grand reverence. Each child will learn terminology in French, correct body alignment, how to improve their natural turn-out and a love for the most graceful living art.

POINTE: (Ages 10 & up)- Previous two year ballet experience required
Pointe is the advancement of ballet class to hard boxed pointe shoes. Girls are usually between the ages of 10 and 12 years old when they progress onto pointe shoes. This depends greatly on the muscular and skeletal development, as well as their dedication to practice. All point shoes must be checked for fit by the instructor.

Our Jazz classes include body isolations, flexibility warm-ups, strengthening exercise, a progression of leaps, kicks and turns across the floor and a combination of steps. In addition to our Traditional Classic Jazz Class you can take Jumps & Turns Class!

Elementary steps and basic rhythms are taught first, then more intricate patterns and fancier footwork are added in each class. Both traditional and contemporary tap techniques are covered in our lesson plan.

Our emphasis is on the fundamentals of this subject. We incorporate both the acrobatic and gymnastic techniques. We place strong values on the teaching of proper mechanics of the tricks. From an early age on, the students become aware of this physically demanding activity and the required concentration it demands. We stress proper placement and technique, moving slowly through the body positions so the student has a strong sense of body awareness.

Hip-Hop class is centered around hip-hop dynamics, yet concentrated on today’s video/pop style. The focus of class comes from the combination of power, energy, style, face and technique.

For more information about tuition, availability, and specific fees for classes please use the “Contact Us” link.

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