Jalair Miles Whitman


Jalair Miles Whitman – Hip Hop, Jazz Jalair has been living and dancing in the valley of the sun since 1988! She has been competing and performing in different forms of dance since the age of 3. She joined the TDA family at the age of 14 and began teaching for TDA and Talent Factory at 18. She taught thru her 4 years at ASU and decided to keep going once she graduated! After graduation, she became a skin care professional and began competing and teaching partner dancing. She has enjoyed incorporating her knowledge of classical and partner dancing to infuse her classes will different styles and movements. Jalair looks foward to each year with her classes! She focuses on making her classes fun, full of energy, and creating a comfortable environment for each student. She loves being a wife and mom, and hopes to have a dancer of her own one day to watch on stage!!!